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In the framework of the cosmopolitan series of the Rautenstrauch Joest Museum:

Dance Cultures of the World

Kristóf Szabó


with poems by Ingeborg Bachmann and Johannes Bobrowski

Part 1 film-choreography Part 2 intermedial dance (nominated for the award “best dance piece Cologne 2011” Kölner Tanztheaterpreis 2011) Part 3 dance/art performance (NEW Production)

Three times the dancers in the Rautenstrauch Joest Museum abduct us on an inner journey through mythical times and places and ask for theconditio humana.

Cubes are flying through wincing landscapes in the rhythm of electronic music. Wheels form a futuristic machine like in silent films. Finally, a city arises out of geometric forms, urban canyons develop, continuously moving.” Press about Part 1 LICHT (akT/monthly for theatre and dance Cologne)

LICHTTRILOGIE (LIGHT TRILOGY) is a cross-border dance project. With means of contemporary dance, animation film, poetry and electronic sound art we trace an inner journey and thereby explore the transformation of the human mind towards (inner) light. During the evening, we change between the venues auditorium and foyer of the museum. The change of places broaches the issue of crossing borders, the overcoming of physical and mental limits: doors are opened, thresholds are ritually passed, the way marks a mental ascension, the metamorphosis. The debut performance of Part 3 stirs water, touches roots, crosses the threshold and enters the place of mythical time.

LICHTTRILOGIE is a metropolis thriller: Surrounded by cubeheadipedes, angels of geometry, manifestations of the language of the divine and by yellow flickering brain machines of a tyrannic mind and by the creature Memoria, the human fights against loneliness, clings to the belief in true love and in the act of responsibility, the concept of a free future.

Poems by Ingeborg Bachmann and Johannes Bobrowski as well as abstract animation films (45 minutes) impressively accompany the events.

Further information, currently updated, about LICHTTRILOGIE on:

Shows: 28, 29, 30 June| Start 19:30 End about 22:30 incl. breaks

Rautenstrauch Joest Museum Cologne | Cäcilienstraße 29-33 | D-50667 Köln


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Performed by:

Story Consultant (Part III light): Dr.Christian Bauer
Animation: Ivó Kovács
Animation invited artist: László Zsolt Bordos
Costume: Emese Kasza
Coaching: (LICHT III) Suna Göncu

Dance: Karolina Tóth, Hannah Platzer, Gwendolin Gemmrich,
Vincent de Munck
Off-Voice: Rania Dimtsia

Applied poetry: Johannes Bobrowski, Ingeborg Bachmann

Director-choreographer: Kristóf Szabó

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