part 1. (ENG)

The film-choreography LICHT is the first part of LICHTTRILOGIE

film-choreography (duration: about 40 min.)


Reproduction 2012

First performance of the reproduction 28, 29, 30 June 2012 | Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum Cologne

Kristóf Szabó (HU/DE) LICHT

(Foto Alex Traila)

LIGHT is a film-choreography

and a new format in the field of intermedial crossover dance performances.

In the context of the performance LIGHT the animation film Light (30 min) by Ivó Kovács (guest artist László Zsolt Bordos) is presented.

LIGHT is a psycho-thriller and tells the story of a ritual murder.

In the city of Corinthus a love couple kills each other.

A voice from the off narrates:

„Man and woman were found dead yesterday in sector Corinthos 42 Alpha. Cause of death: rapid loss of blood induced violently by a deep stab. The woman was lonesome in that city of Corinthos. The man nearby the city outside at the great forest, where he had acquired a piece of land cause he was sick of the world, which according to witnesses he called a battue. Someday the woman sought out the man with a gift. Full particulars unknown.“

Later in the play it goes:

WOMAN: „I want him to kill me – and I want to kill him!“

Later again, the off-voice narrates:

Head over heels in love, she gave him the key to her flat. He went there to throw a glance out of her window on his own on the city of Corinthos which he had helped to erect. City! City, which I once built up, General Architect of Corinthos; What have you become? In her flat he found a dress spread out and prepared as for a ritual. Gorgeous! And the proper shoes, He looked out of the window, longing for her and certain never to get close to her.”“

The central issue of the piece is the isolation and metaphysical loneliness of man in the megacities of the world.

In an artificial living space ruled by geometry (displayed by the animation), the man is desperately calling for his lover, later for god.



He gets no answer.

The search for light as well as the search for a real encounter with god fail.

The dilemma of isolation leads to a sudden decision to die through a ritual murder committed at each other:

So man and woman together stab the water with a knife, the symbol of live and death, the water which the woman brought along as her first present for the man. Both of them die, but while their consciousness goes on a journey into the realm of light (which we see in the animation), they suddenly take the shape of a red cube in a last common vision and melt into each other.




SPOTNIK Intermedial Arts Cologne, L1, Tüzraktér, BdK

Main supporters:
RheinEnergieStiftung Kultur, Stadt Köln





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